Complaints policy

Despite the best intentions, complaints may arise, and our practice strives to deal with complaints in a courteous and understanding manner. Patients have a ‘right to complain’, and where possible, patients and other relevant parties are encouraged to raise any concerns directly with the Practice team. Patients have the right to complain anonymously. Our team are trained to make sure patients of the Practice feel confident that any feedback or complaints made at the Practice will be handled appropriately. Systematic patient experience feedback opportunities are available for patients and other visitors at least every 3 years.

We believe that most complaints can be responded to, and resolved, at the time the patient or other party makes the issue known to the Practice. Under the , people with complaints should try to resolve them directly with their health service provider. Patients are invited to direct their complaints, either verbally or in writing, to the Practice Manager. Patients may request to speak with the Practice Manager directly, email ( or submit a written complaint addressed to the Practice Manager.

In the event that the Practice and patient cannot reach a satisfactory outcome, the complaint can go directly to the Health Services Commissioner for action.  The public may also call the Office of the Health Services Commissioner at any time concerning a query or to report a complaint.

Under national and state privacy laws: Commonwealth Privacy Act – Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and Victorian Health Records Act 2001, this Practice must provide and adhere to a complaints process for privacy issues and those related to the National Privacy Principles (NPPs)/Health Privacy Principles (HPPs).

All clinical staff and the practice manger are aware of their professional and legal obligations regarding the mandatory reporting of unprofessional conduct.