Patient Behaviour and Expectations Policy

At This is General Practice, we strive to be your providers of holistic, patient-focused, and comprehensive primary care. We have a team of experienced, specialist general practitioners, who thrive on providing this model of care. We love a challenge and will work through your medical needs with you comprehensively, no matter how complex they might be. Building relationships is our thing, which gives us the benefit knowing YOU well.

In order to maintain this relationship, our staff agree to follow the Practice’s Code of Conduct and engage in a courteous and professional manner whilst maintaining the highest level of care possible. In return, we ask that patients agree to the following standards:

  • I agree to not act in a manner that others may find threatening, bullying, malicious, or frightening. I understand that This is General Practice has a duty to provide a physically and psychologically safe environment that is free from aggression, abuse, intimidation, discrimination, or inappropriate language, for both staff and other patients.
  • I understand that I can approach any member of staff if I am feeling distressed or anxious, or if I wish to raise a concern or question. I understand I can also directly pass on any feedback to the Practice Manager via email at:
  • I agree to follow the direction of staff, which may include being asked to abide by (local) government directives or conditions.
  • I agree not to smoke, consume illegal substances or alcohol, in the premises. I agree not to attend the premises under the effects of illegal substances or alcohol.
  • I understand that my doctor running late is a possibility and is outside of the GP’s control, as unexpected or complications can arise which cause them to run over-time.
  • I agree that any fees chargeable will be paid on the day, unless explicitly agreed between myself and the Doctor providing my services on the day.
  • I agree to cancel appointments I cannot attend with as much notice as possible, and I understand that there may be a fee payable for failing to show for my appointment or late notice (less than 4 hours), as per the Practice’s ‘Cancellation / No-Show Policy’.
  • I understand that a Telehealth or Video appointment is a standard scheduled appointment with associated fees, and that I must be ready for the call.

Anyone who acts in conflict with the above behaviour/s may damage the Doctor-Patient relationship to a point where their care at the Practice may be discontinued.